Joints counted as elements?

now that I’ve done hours of unseccussful troubleshooting I want to ask this question: could it be, that when hovering above the model-output of the “Assemble Model” component, joints are counted as what is called there “elements”?

I attach e.g. 100 flattened, clean beam elements and I define joints at the ends of 10 of those elements. When now hovering above the model-output of the “Assemble Model” component, it says “110” elements. As I’m expecting an error, I attach “Disassemble Model” to see the duplicate elements - but there are no duplicates, the ouput is again 100 beam elements.

Additionally, the node count when hovering above the ouput is increased by the number of defined joints. Again, when I attach “Disassemble Model”, the node count is reduced to the actual count, so that a joint seems to add one to the node count of the hovering display of the “Assemble Model” component.
Yet the amount of joints is correct when checking it via “Disassemble Element” (and they’re displayed).

There are no problems with the further calculation but things like this can confuse a lot, especially when having 8000 instead of 100 elements.

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Hi, can you please share your definition.

here’s the relevant part of my definition. When I disconnect the joints from “AssembleModel”, the number of elements in the output pop-up window matches the actual number of input elements (8362); otherwise it doesn’t (8443). The difference (81) corresponds to the number of joints.

bug3 (3.5 MB)

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Hi @PaoloPinkas, yes joints are grouped as Elements in the model, however if you use the DisassembleModel component you can easily split the elements and joints into different lists