Joint-Definitions with "Analyze Nonlin." Algorithm doesn't work


we are struggling with analyzing our gridshell structure with the Nonlinear Solver (NewtonRaphson Procedure), due the fact, that we cant implement any form of Joint-Definition between our Grid-Elements (Beams). Is there any chance or work around, to implement DOF´s at the connection points (grid knots) - otherwise we only get stiff connections.

Thx a lot in advance.


Hi Lukas, you can use the joint agent or the beam joint component to define joints at the connections.

Hi Matthew,

thank you very much for your response. Adding joints is relatively straightforward for us. However, our main issue is that the Nonlinear Solver (Newton-Raphson Procedure) ceases to function when we integrate the joint agent/beam joint component. Interestingly, the TH.I & TH.II Solver operates as expected with precisely the same joint definition (as shown in the example). (33.0 KB)

Hi @lukas5,
you could try to add a short spring at the end of the beam as a workaround.
The geometric non-linear calculation is sadly still work in progress and does not converge all the time.
Are you sure that second order theory is not sufficient for your purpose?
– Clemens