Joint beams analysis


For my structure I want some lines as one beam in Revit.
Herefore I made lines and then connected with joint curves.
However the lines sperate are transfered to Revit with rinoinside, while when the lines are joint an error is present.
Can someone help me we solving?

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I can not see the original curves you are using in this definition so sharing that would be very helpful. Revit needs flat (planar) curves to be able to create beams.

As you can see there are first 6 lines composed with the line component. These can be transferred to Revit, but after joining it is a polyline curve which can not be transferred to Revit.


Seems like each polyline is made up of two planar lines. Try creating polylines that are planar (all points are on the same surface) and pass that to Revit.

Take a look a the attached example please

beams by (1013.5 KB)

I tried it, however if I connect the points without flatten I get this error:

And if I do flatten, the line is still not able to go to Revit:

Might it be because the line contain different levels in het z-axis?

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