Joining two pipes over a 90 deg bend

Please excuse this basic question however I am struggling to get the following to work. I am wanting to join these two pipes so they go through a 90 degree bend, maintaining bore, and thus meet up without any weird computer modelling going on that looks like a spiders web.

Thank you

Lbendi bobs.3dm (84.1 KB)

usually you create one curve and use the command pipe for the entire situation. creating conjunctions of such sort you should rather avoid.

however if you have this situation and your real model is far more complex and you have landed here and cant go back then the easiest would be to extract the isocurves enable center snap and drag the curves to the pipe center at both pipes then use arc blend or blend or whatever you wish to create a connection between them. then use pipe or sweep, then use boolean union to create one solid.

dont do it.3dm (2.7 MB)