Joining surfaces

I’m doing the Mountain Bike tutorial from the Secrets of Rhino. Page 12 “Details” instructs you to make a surface/extrude/straight from the reflector curve and cap, then make a loft from the two circular curves and cap. It then says, when done join all three surfaces. There were only two surfaces made. So, how can I join three? Is there something I missed or, is there another surface they are referring to that I don’t see. This is very confusing. Thanks!

I think this is the tutorial you’re following…

I haven’t done this one myself but it looks like the third surface may be referring to the Cap which would have been joined automatically to the first extrusion. The home page for the site mentions the tutorials were made using Rhino 1… so cap may have not joined automatically at one time…

No matter what I do in this section of the tutorial it is impossible to get anything to JOIN. I guess I’ll just skip this part. Thanks for your time and input!

Hi James - please post the surfaces, we can figure this out.


I’ve found that there are just too many discrepancies in the tutorial to do it right. I guess since the tutorial was done on Rhino v1, the commands have changed drastically. Thanks for your time and effort!