Joining surfaces issue

As can be seen in this vid, I’ve two surfaces that are adjacent yet I cannot join them. I don’t understand this.Uploading…

Looks like your upload went bad - can you try again?

Better yet, upload just the two surfaces (ExportSelected).

For videos, you might try Jing


I’ve moved on with the model practice and I can’t get any previous versions from the file menu. This feature revert to version, is nice but it’s an on again off again thing. I can’t rely on it. There’s a number of little buggy things that interrupt the process such as the last problem posted with the ‘flip’ command sticking and preventing using other tools like split. I was using Jing but it not longer worked after Yosemite and I went and paid for Snagit. It’s a well-decorated piece of crap in my opinion.

Update - Closed R and opened file again. Revert to save when closed brought up the old mess. How do I just upload selected??

Well, shucks, now I see. WalkieTalkieSurfac.3dm (44.8 KB)

I’ve continued and discovered there’s a problem with my mirroring technigue. As far as I understand it I’ve mirrored correctly but on close inspection is seems the mirrored object is not quite true. This is leading, I think to the imperfections that cause the joining failure.WalkieTalkieFaces.3dm (78.5 KB)