Joining single trimmed geometries together to form one fro remapping grasshopper

Hi, I’m trying to remap curves from one surface to another.

I created the second surface using the sweep 1 tool and mirroring it. I’m trying then to join the untrimmed surface to feed into the remap tool. I want them to be accepted as one surface but they are accepted as separate surfaces so the remapping happens more than once onto each separate surface.

Is there a command to join the surfaces into one or is it possible to make this shape using the sweep tool differently?

If anyone has any ides to help it would be great!

rampping creating simple trimmed (15.3 KB)

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Thank you for the response and answer!!

For some reason it still does not work for me… do you know what could be wrong?

Thank you!!

rampping creating simple trimmed geometries (13.7 KB)

share your rhino file with the used curve only

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sweep 2 grasshopper used crv only.3dm (243.8 KB)

use this from your first file in the other thread, i don’t know what is the problem in the new one
sweep 2 grasshopper.3dm (108.0 KB)

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