Joining points in one plane?

I am a student who has recently started to learn grasshopper. I have a designed a vertical tower, now I want to rotate the tower from each floor. The points that I have on each floor are random as of now
I would like to know how to join the points per floor so that I have one center per floor from which I can rotate each floor differently.

I have also attached the grasshopper file, just in case. (30.5 KB)

Thank you.

You could use the ConvexHull component with inputting your points and the plane the points are in, then get the center from the resulting polyline. You could also simply use a BoundingBox component on the points - the result might be somewhat different from the first. Another way might be to use the average component to find the “mean” point on each floor plane… Probably lots of other ways.


Check attachment(Red group). You’ll need to understand about “Data Tree” & “Data Matching”. (31.3 KB)

Thanks a lot, Mitch. I will check these components out.


Oh Wow! That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot, HS_Kim.

About the Data Tree and Data Matching, yes I am still learning those concepts.

Thank you very much.