Joining Points in Consecutive Branches (is there a neater way?)

Good Evening Forum,

A quick and simple query:

I am joining sets of parallel points along curves (see attached); I have successfully done so, but wonder if there is a way which uses less repetitive line components?

JJC. (144.2 KB)

Relative Items is a great component. Its what first got me hooked on working with trees.



That looks like what I’m looking for!

It did feel as though there would be something!

Thanks for sharing.

This will get you up to speed.

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Hey Rickson,

I hope you don’t mind me asking this also (I looked around and couldn’t find solution):

Is there also a way to automate consecutive items from ‘List Item’ and ‘Tree Path’ selector components (ie. to select 0, then 1, then 2 - in the ‘i’ and ‘P’ inputs respectively)? (151.4 KB)


I know I can go inside the ‘i’ and ‘P’ and set multiple inputs and paths manually (see image) but then if I change the the number of curves and line branches elsewhere in the script I would have to come back and manually update the multiple inputs.

Is there a simple way to do automate all items in the list and branch consecutively?


Headed out the door.

Join the lines and use a Curve Curve Intersection. Graft one tree vs the other.

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Relative Item is nice. For the sake of learning here is two other small ways. (145.6 KB)


I believe Micheal covered what you were going for with the Curve Line intersection, no?

I don’t think I did, I just showed two other ways to achieve what the relative item method was doing.

Hey Rickson - I managed to achieve what I need using your suggestion to join the lines and use curve curve intersection.

Thanks again, very much, for your help.