Joining faces into one surface to feed into the paneling node?


I have 6 Revit faces, and they have common edges, but I cannot find a way to join them and feed them to the Paneling node, as one surface… I can join them using Brep Union, but cannot feed that to the paneling node…

Thank you



Hi -

That’s correct. You need a single surface as input there. Your Revit “surface” is not such a single surface, but surfaces (faces) that are joined together.

The issue comes up frequently and for specific advice, you’ll need to post your Grasshopper definition with the Brep internalized so that people who don’t have Rhino.Inside Revit can open your file.

For general information, you could start with going through the following conversation and check some of the links that @scottd posted in the third post in that thread.

Although I have not seen the geometry, I expect that trying to panel using UV division and therefore needing a single surface is going to be too limiting to solve the problem.

Panelingtools in grasshopper allows mile surfaces to be used to create a single grid without regards to UV. Take a look here: Equal Grid Across Surfaces

Thank you, very informative.

I guess another option is to extract all nodes / vertices from the surfaces and build one “surface from points” from scratch?

For now, I am designing my surfaces in Revit to be generated by continuous splines, which produce one surface instead of multiple surfaces.

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