Joining complex surfaces

Hello !
I am modeling a shoe sole with quite an organic shape. I’ve got as far as the 2 surfaces but I cannot get them to join once I’ve OffsetSrf to add thickness.

If anyone has a solution or alternatice method to do this I’d really appreciate it !

(Basically I want to these two forms attached to make one object)

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Hello - please post your file and someone will take a look - from the image, it looks like the two objects are closed solids - they will not Join, which requires open, unjoined, edges within tolerance of one another but it may be possible to BooleanUnion them or trim and join the individual surfaces- better to have the file.


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DIPLOME-chaussure-3D-2.3dm (16.2 MB)

Thanks for your reply ! I did try to join them before Offsetting while they were open surfaces but when I did this and OffsetSrf afterwards to make it a closed volume, it couldn’t create a solid

so why dont you post that portion of the work instead? currently its quite a puzzle since those surfaces which i tried to match to each other were far from congruent.

Hello Zoe,

can you please prepare one file, where you have positioned your sole surfaces with the bottom surface, so they match in the bottom pattern curve? No need for offsetting them now.
I then can have a deeper look into that.

Kind regards

Hello- It’s a little messy but guess I would do something like this:

  1. Simplify the bottom surface - preferably with a structure that does not pinch at the ends

but rather is trimmed from a simpler more cleanly four sided surface, if that is possible, which I think it is in this case.

Join the sides to the bottom

The sides are pretty dense surfaces, probably from Sweep2 - These are not always ideal for offsetting, it does help in this case to RemoveMultiKnot on these before joining and offsetting. That is an extra bit of complexity that you might not care about at this stage but the offset is cleaner.

OffsetSrf with Corner-Round.

Any luck?


I will try all of this, thanks a lot for all the advice !