Joining Closed Solid Polysurface with Trimmned Surface

In the file the green object was created with lofts and where joined.
Rhino calls the resulting object a ‘Closed Solid Polysurface’.
The red objects were created using the patch command from the edges of the green object.
Rhino is calling the red object a Trimmend Surface.

I can’t seem to join both the red and green to make one object.
I’ve tried join, boolean union, and merge all edges commands with no luck

Suggestions are appreciated.

Join Closed and Trimmed Surface.3dm (1.5 MB)

The green object should not be closed - but it is. The reason for this is you have a bunch of duplicated surfaces which are joined to themselves. Explode the green object and run SelDup to see. A couple of them are ‘near duplicates’ - at the open ends - SelDup does not select those. You need to eliminate those manually.

You cannot join anything to a closed object. There need to be corresponding open edges on both objects to be joined (and within document tolerance) in order for to join to work. In your file, if you delete the dup surfaces and re-join the green parts, you can then join the red ones to them as well. Below is the fixed file, you just have to cap the ends if you want a closed object.

FixedSrfs.3dm (2.7 MB)

Yeah…I was just coming on to say that.
I thought as I waited for an answer I would try exploding the object and reconnect in a different order.
I noticed in selecting the ‘pieces’ there was always two surfaces to choose from. In other words like you say, somehow I duplicated the object.