Joining basic shapes

Admittedly, I am a beginner with Rhino for Mac but I cannot seem to get 2 basic objects to join together, i.e. 2 squares or circles etc… I keep getting the message that 2 closed objects cannot be joined? I can do this with other programs such as Vectorworks, Sketchup? Am I missing something?

Rhino is not Verctorworks, Sketchup, etc. Assuming your experience with other software is directly applicable will significantly hinder learning to use Rhino. You can start leaning Rhino by going through the User’s Guide. Rhino - Learn to use Rhino Then go through the Level 1 and Level 2 Training material.

Rhino is based on curves and surfaces. The Join command joins the coincident ends of open curves, or the coincident “naked” edges of open surfaces. Closed surfaces which intersect or overlap can be joined after trimming away (Split or Trim) the intersecting and/or overlapping portions. Alternately there are Boolean commands for closed surfaces/volumes which automatic the trimming of the overlapping or intersecting portions before joining. However the Boolean commands do not always work so you should learn how to manually trim and join.

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It would help if you can describe what you expected from “joining” in this case. If the objective was manipulation as one object, then the Group command can be used. To break up the group you can use Ungroup. If creating a common outline of the basic objects was your goal, then CurveBoolean is your friend.


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how do I take on solid shape out of another to make it so the shape is negatively indented into the other shape

Hello - use BooleanDifference for this.


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