Joining a lot of surfaces hangs Rhino 6 SR6 (disregard)

I’ve got a model that is basically a 4 metre long plate with about 400 spotfaced holes. I want to join it into a polysurface, but the join has been working for about an hour. I tried Esc to cancel, but nothing happens. Even the task manager can’t stop it.

Looks like I’ll have to shut the computer off to stop this. Something is definitely not right about this. I’ve worked with plates like this in V5 without issue. Once I finally stop this I will test in V5 to see what happens there.



Edit: It’s hanging V5 too. It must be unique to this file. If this had joined in a couple of minutes I would think V6 has an issue. But it’s been 15 minutes in V5 and it can’t be stopped either by using ESC.

Hi Dan - if you can send me that file, we can take a look here.