JoinEdge Problem

Hi. I am trying to join all my edges on the chamfered holes to make my model solid, but I’m not sure why joining edge is not working.
Sander.3dm (7.0 MB)


If Join does not work because your surface edges are overlapped or too far apart, JoinEdge is NOT the right fix.
You need to remodel the surfaces so the edges ARE within tolerance.

The bottom part of this FAQ has some good details about this dangerous command:

JoinEdge is not the correct way to join surfaces. Use the join command. If join doesn’t work that means you need to fix something.

It looks like when you made the chamfered holes you picked the wrong edges.

There are two ways you can fix this.

  1. you can extract all the narrow surfaces and then it will join OK. See the enclose file The surfaces I extracted and grouped are red. they can be deleted Sanderx.3dm (3.2 MB)

  2. you can reconstruct the chamferred holes being careful to use the free edges on the other side of narrow surfaces .

By the way, an easy way to make the chamfered holes so that its less confusing and they are built to the right edges is to use DupBorder. Then hide the main body of the sander. Then construct the 4 holes using the duplicated borders (I’m guessing you used loft command) then show the main body and join everything together.

Thanks John! I will try to remodel the surfaces.

Hello Jim. So I think I followed your step and join all the surfaces together, but it is still not solid. Am I missing some step here?
Sander.3dm (7.0 MB)

What I suggested were not steps. I suggested two different ways you could get it to join into a closed solid. You need to pick one approach or the other - you can’t do both.

The first approach you need to extract and delete all the extra surfaces. After doing that everything that you already have made will join. I supplied a file where I did one side for you. The red surfaces are the surfaces that I extracted they can be deleted. After getting rid of the extra surfaces all the other surfaces on that side joined with no problem.

The second approach I suggested was to delete the surfaces that won’t join and make them again so that their edges match up with the free edges of the rest of the model.

Here is a file showing the second approach I suggested. What you will see is 16 blue curves that represent the free unjoined edges of the sander. The curves were created using DupBorder command. Make surfaces from these curves as you did before. After that run the show command and join the new surfaces to the rest of the model. The purpose of hiding the rest of the model is to make it easier to make those surfaces correctly.

Sanderx2.3dm (1.0 MB)

Thanks a lot for your help Jim. I got my design that I wanted!