Joined/Merged surfaces - not possible to reference from Ladybug

I am calculating the Universal Thermal Comfort Index (UTCI), using a Grasshopper/Ladybug script.

In the script, evaluated surface is assigned via the LB Surface component. The script works fine when I assign one surface.

However, I have issues assigning a surface after I merge them from two surfaces in Rhino - even if in Rhino is surface shown as one, in the Grasshopper/Ladybug I am not able to ‘Set one surface’ - just nothing happens.

I have tried the following commands to merge the surfaces:

  • BooleanUnion
  • Join

Are you aware of a way how to merge two surfaces so as it is treated as one in Grasshopper/Ladybug and can be referenced by the LB Surface component after merging?

I see this more as Rhino rather than Grasshopper/Ladybug related issue, hence posting it here.

Hi David -

If you can reproduce your issue by only using native Grasshopper components, then this is the correct forum. It doesn’t sound like that, though…

Hi Wim, thanks for the reply. Do I understand correctly that the Ladybug Surface component is not a native Grasshopper component (i.e. that LB is a third party plugin to Rhino)? Then understood that it belongs to the different part of the forum. Apologies if a silly question, I am new to the Rhino environment.

Hi David -

That’s correct, yes. LBT is a third party plug-in with a separate user forum:

Understood, thanks for pointing me in the right direction Wim