JoinCurves: GH native vs ghpythonlib

Hi all!

JoinCurves within ghpythonlib gives different results as JoinCurves as native grasshopper component.

While the native grasshopper component works as expected and joins all curves, the ghpythonlib.joincurves command doesn’t join any curves.

See attached example file.

Is that a bug or intendet?


join_ghc_problem|690x308 (7.4 KB)

Change the last line of your script to:

C = JoinIt(C)



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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Grazie :slight_smile:

It works, now.

Does that mean, it didn’t do nothing before? Just piping the data throuh?


Yeah,… it means that the code was doing all the calculations, then the entire result was ignored and the input was passed as output.