Join Sufaces

I’m trying to create the ring from this tutorial

I could head part make solid, but when I’m trying to join it with finger part it doesn’t make closed polysurface (solid).
What am I doing wrong ?

Can you post file with your progress to date? Otherwise any response would be just a guess. Click on the vertical arrow in the icon bar above the area to type and follow the instructions.

ring_tutorial.3dm (414.3 KB)

The finger part has some naked edges gaps. Use ShowEdges with Naked Edges turned on to see the where the problems are. You will need to explode the polysurface, fix the problems, and then rejoin.

After fixing those problems try again and let us know if it works. What method/command are you using to join the parts?

The magenta curves are the naked edges. Switch to wireframe mode, zoom in and you will see gaps. You need to close the gaps.

The simplest way may be to build new surfaces. When two surfaces need to share a common edge it is usually a good idea when building the second surface to select the edge of the first surface if possible instead of a curve used to build the first surface.

How can I create surface by using other surface edge?

Just to give one example of doing that - the inside surfaces do not join with the side surfaces of the ring. If you start the EdgeSrf command, you will be prompted to select 2, 3, or 4 open curves. At this point you can select two edges to make a new surface that will join with the sides.

In this picture, run the command and select the two edges on the red arrows and finish the command. Do the same for the green arrows.

Note that that will not fix all your problems - it is only an example of a command that you can use to take edges of existing surfaces to build a new surface from. As the side edges do not cleanly join to each other (there is an open edge at the top), you will need to fix these first!

It looks to me like you are trying to make the class ring from the rhino video. If so this drawing is somewhat difficult, I did this ring early on and had to start three new drawings before I finally got it right.

If you continue on and get the proper drawing this will give you great insight on many of the tools in Rhino. Persist it is worth your time.

All my best … Danny

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The problem is finally solved. But then appears another…
After getting closed polysurface and exporting it I tried to extract surfaces. But the outer surface of the head part didn’t select properly. Only one half of it was selected.

Which command are you using to “extract surfaces”?

Is the outer part of the head a single surface or a polysurface?

Head is polysurface joined to finger part with closed polysurface, solid.
I am using “extract surface” command.

ExtractSrf extracts selected surfaces from a polysurface. The outer surface of the head part is a polysurface, made up of two surfaces. If you want to extract multiple surfaces you need to select the surfaces to be extracted individually. If you want the extracted surfaces as a polysurface you can Join the surfaces.

I did Join surfaces

but after that when i am trying to Create UV Curves it becomes half of it.

UV curves are separate for each surface, so a polysurface does not have a single set of UV curves.

What did I do wrong?
ring_tutorial.3dm (246.6 KB)

I solved it.

As I told you yesterday this ring is very difficult to draw, you are doing a fine job and seeing some of the problems I encountered when I drew it. As I said I had to start a new drawing three times before I finally got it right. Keep playing with the drawing and you will be very pleased when you finally get it right and you will have learned many things about Rhino that will be great tools for future drawings.