Join polysurface - object box is clear?

BeforeAfterClear.pdf (78.1 KB)

I have this surface box - as soon as i join it - it goes clear.

It does not select as a bad object.
Found 12 edges total; no naked edges, no non-manifold edges.
I know when it’s clear it doesn’t export well…so I am not exactly sure what it means.

Thank you!

A PDF will not help us, please post the .3dm file… Usually “going transparent” means your edges are bad or out of tolerance before joining - Rhino is unable to mesh the object properly to display it on the screen. Only way to know for sure is to have the Rhino file.


that sometimes means that a planar surface was applied but the boarders are slightly off. it can also mean that some parts of the boundary are overlapping, best if you would post the file.

Perfect! Thanks for clarifying!