Join polysurface makes huge unwanted plane


I’m just playing around, so more than anything I want to know the “why” rather than get a fix…anyways, when i join my polysurfaces and then apply edge softening, i get a huge random plane. Any explanation as to why, so I can avoid this in the future?

I’ve had problems with apply edge softening before (I’m a repeat offender for posting topics about it), so I will avoid it now with this piece, but again, more wondering why so I can try and do better next time.

Thanks! edge soften after joining then split again 003.3dm (1.9 MB)

Hi CMo- I’d concentrate on making the construction much simpler- you’ve got all kinds of extra surfaces in this object - the most obvious is the edge- that could be one trimmed plane- but elsewhere I see what appears to me to be a lot of complexity that the shape just does not, I think, require.


thanks pascal. on the other half, which is hidden in the file, that thin edge/border that is made up of so many different surfaces is just one single surface i capped and trimmed. but i still can’t get the edge softening to do what i want: if i soften before i join it to that surface, it softens around the rings, but as soon as i join it either also softens the new unions (which i do not want) or negates the previous edge softening and goes back to how it was before.