Join polylines efficiently

I want to join poly-lines together into a closed surface. I have 3 of them dispersed as shown in the picture. When i use connect curves it gives me a really bad and inefficient curve. Is there another function to connect them efficiently. The lines are in green, they are the result of the function mesh-plane intersection, and we are looking at the top view.


You would probably get better replies if you described the problem you’re trying to solve instead of the frustrations you’re having with your efforts.

It would also help if you posted a file so people could see what you’re working with.

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Seems likely this is a Grasshopper question…

Inefficient in what way? You might try Fillet with a radius of 0?
HTH, Jakob

So as you can see in the picture i posted there are 3 green independent lines. I need a function that will be able to join them and make a closed curve.
I tried connect curves and i will post what i got


Eight posts into this thread and you still need this? :man_facepalming: READ IT!

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

How can you expect an answer otherwise?

In this case, a GH file with the three curves internalized would be a minimum requirement. The mesh they were created from might also come in handy.

P.S. On second thought, I see that you have created four threads here so far, none of them with a GH file posted, despite being asked repeatedly. Ignore that convention and you will be ignored.