Hi everyone

I am having a really hard time joining these two surfaces! This model has proven to be very difficult becuase not only have I joined the surfaces using nonmanifold merge, then I offset the surface to create a solid, it says it fails at creating a solid which I can only suspect is becuase the “merging” isnt full succesful or well done. My other reason for suspecting this is because when I export it as an stl and open it with Meshlab it tells me there are 2 meshes not one. I am very confused! Anyone know I good way to join and make it a watertight object? I am really struggling and trying to meet a deadline!! Thank you!!

Hi Gamriela- the objects do not intersect cleanly- the very dense object and the outer surface -so they cannot join or trim to each other as is. But… why is the complex surface not made as a revolved surface? It seems like asking for trouble to make it as it is…
At any rate, try -

Trim the middle, complex surface with the edge of the outer surface - DupEdge and trim with the resulting curve will work. Then MatchSrf for Position the outer to the middle surface- ‘Match by closest points’ set in the dialog. Then it will join with the Join command. Does that get you what you want? I can imagine that offsetting that complex surface might be a challenge though; if I understand the shape, it can all be made using a profile curve and the Revolve command.

I am not quite sure what you have in mind, but here is a revolved version, with a curve approximation of the wave form…
Merge1_PG.3dm (209.8 KB)


Thank you so much!! You are so very correct, no reason to use that complicated object (I derived using Sin function in grasshopper) Thank you so so much, this has really taught me.

Appreciate it!