Join Dashed Lines into Continuous Curves

Can anyone think of a neat way to join all these dashed lines (they are all separate short lines) into continuous curves? (1.3 MB)

yes, change doc tolerance to something close to the dash gap, then join

You’ll need to closely inspect though if it doesn’t join things that shouldn’t.
I had to convert the curves to degree 1 first

Here is the result with 0.5 absolute tolerance:
joined.3dm (508.4 KB)

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Here a way in Grasshopper, it could need some other filtering (using curve direction). I let other test in the file, they were not good. Proximity 3d seems the best tool. But Gijs version seems best. (1.3 MB)

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Thanks, this is great!

Thanks, I’m going to mark @laurent_delrieu 's post as the solution just because it’s in grasshopper!