Join coloured mesh faces while keeping colour

I have a full-colour 3D scan which I imported as a .ply. I can’t share it in full but I’ve included a section (Saved as R7). I’m looking to close some complex holes but I can seem to join a new face without losing the colour data. Using Rhino 8, I can see from the forum that this has come up a few times. I know new file types with colour support were added in R8 is this something that has been solved?

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PCB scan.3dm (508.3 KB)

Got that, thanks.

RH-81987 Join - keep mesh vertex colors


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RH-81987 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 8 Release Candidate 1. Please try it out.

Not 100 % sure this got into the first 8.8 release candidate but if not, it should be in the next one.


@dan @pascal Fantastic thank you :pray: