Jogged Section?


I am looking to create a jogged section. With the clipping plane and section tools I am only able to create a rectangle that is not variable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I can always cut the model, but that is not my first choice as it is not dynamic.

Thank you.

Anyone? Surely someone must have needed to create this in Rhino before?

I am pretty sure AsuniCad has, or used to have, a tool for this but I have not been able to get to their web page today to verify.

@carlosperez, can you help?


This is it, on Food4Rhino:

Thank you for your replies. It is an interesting tool especially for working in section; however, the main drawback is that it cannot make2d of the display section. Or at least I have not figured out that part yet. @ Jarek do you know if this is possible?

Thank you

sorry, I don’t know- I was only ‘playing around’ with it some time ago.

Ok, I emailed them so I’ll let you know what they say. Thanks again

@DanBayn was working on something that might be helpful here, you can find it in this thread (and the link for the download can be found here).

@SamPage this is very cool and get the intersection for the hatch correctly, but it does not display the background curves behind the cut. It can still be quite useful after cutting the section. to get the correct hatches. Thank you

Hi @brobes05,
You can create dynamic sections with the Dynamic Display and VisualARQ plug-ins. But none of them support the Make 2D tool with the model sectioned from the Perspective viewport. We may add this feature in future releases of VisualARQ.
VisualARQ has the Section View command which creates 2D drawings from section lines, that can be also jogged sections. And it creates the hatches of the sectioned objects and the projection of the geometry in the background.
This video shows an example of creating section and plan views, and assigning section attributes to geometry: