Job Timer / Projecy Tracking

Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice with regards to job timers? Looking for something either integrated with Rhino or not that can keep track of time spent on projects linked to file opening and closing or similar.




have you seen Project Timers ?


Thanks Clement,

Just seen and downloaded.


Has anybody got Project Timers to work on Windows 10? It installs without a problem but I can’t get it to ‘see’ the log files I set up when I restart Windows. It just reverts to the 3 example projects that Thomas included with the original install.

I contacted Thomas about this and he thinks it may be something to do with the location of the log and permissions granted by W10. I’ve tried it in various places and tried renaming the log from a .txt to a .ini but still can’t get it to work.

Any ideas?

I need to install it myself… but this one?

Thomas has come back to me with a fix for the problems I was having using Project Timers (link in Clement’s post, above) with Windows 10. Administrator permissions have to be granted to allow it to write to the log files. Once that’s done, it works very, very nicely. Picking the ‘sniff’ keywords carefully for each Timer makes it work across all software. It even senses when I’m using a sniff keyword as part of a google search term.

All I need to do now is work out how to get it to log my time spent on phone calls and I’ll be fully sorted :rofl:

I’ll also take this opportunity to thank Thomas for getting this to work on W10. A very helpful guy.

Just wondering, why do you need this feature?

That link is broken. Everything has now moved-- > here

Generally, the Project timers thing still works if you keep the installation folder permissions straight (there is a note about it inside the download file)

Keep in mind these are still old Windows apps and I don’t have access to the Visual Basic code any longer.


I can get Project Timer to recognise my Skype calls on projects and it is surprising how fast that adds up! I've got a timer that has maybe 12 sniff words but you can end up with the timer running on two items at the same time if you aren't careful.
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I spend quite a lot of time sourcing parts or looking for photos of legacy vehicles, mostly on the web. Granted, the selection of ‘sniff’ keywords may become extensive to capture everything, but Thomas has provided the tools to do the job.

Unfortunately, most of my calls are either on mobiles or landlines. I made the comment in jest, but as you say the time spent on such things mounts up and most of the time I don’t log it.

I do a lot of web browsing for outfitting items for my marine projects and it was hard to track that sort of time until I learned to open another browser such as FireFox (Chrome is my regular choice) and do my project shopping in the dedicated browser and its sniff word keeps the time log no matter where you might search within that browser. That stuff adds up too!

I haven't figured out how to get Project Timer to track cell calls though... I usually just tell the client that I will call back from Skype and then it gets tabulated to the project. I pay a couple of bucks a months for a Skype Out number which is well worth it.
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I wonder if instead of skype someone used google voice (a free google number associated with their gmail account) and had the cell calls forward to the google number. As long as you are sitting at the computer when someone calls and you pick up the call via hangouts the timers might be able to track it, depending on how much information hangouts exposes to its window caption.

I think I have tried that. Or at least I got the google voice number to try it. I’ll have another go at it.

My concern is that hangouts doesn’t open a new window (it is more like an html element). So I don’t think any information would be visible to Windows itself