Jittering geometries of varying widths along a line

I have 3 different boxes of varying widths that I would like to jitter along a line with a set gap in between each box. Since the location of the 2nd box in line is determined by the width of the 1st box, I’m having difficulty determining what items I need to jitter (starting or ending points?) and how to locate the 2nd box based upon the width of the 1st box.

My end goal is to able to see the varying layout options of the boxes along the line and keep that set gap distance between each box.

I’ve attached a pdf of a screenshot of where the model is now along with grasshopper and rhino files. Any help/feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Orient along curve 2.3dm (23.9 KB) Orient along curve 2.gh (14.6 KB) Orient along curve 2.pdf (5.6 KB)

Orient along curve 2_re.gh (12.4 KB)

Is this what you wants?

That works great!

How would you recommend dictating a set percentage of each box? Say I wanted 25% of the total boxes to be 1 type of box, 40% to be the 2nd box and 35% to be the 3rd box?