Jing / Screen Cast


Is there a way to embed screencasts with the forum that I missed?

Dimension location from where I first clicked...how?
(John Brock) #2

If you have a good enough Internet connection, as part of making the image/video, you can upload it to Screencast, then paste a link into the message. Uploading to Screencast places the link on your Windows Clipboard.
Sadly, I don’t have a reliable connection to the Screencast servers in Lansing, MI.


Jing only allows you to save the video in Flash (.swf) format. I’m not sure this forum supports that format… I always just upload to screencast and then paste the link here…



Post the link is what I did, I was guessing to have it inline in the messag. So I guess it’s a no.

(Steve Baer) #5

We don’t currently support flash on this site.