Jewelry designs testing Panther vs Matrix version 7

job#89329409 render 1

So I personally use Rhino 6 with Panther 3D to model with at home. When I’m at work however, I am using Rhino 4 with Matrix 7. The first design was started modeling in Panther but I saved an extra file as Rhino 4 to bring to Matrix 7 to do the stone settings. I realized doing a lot of stone setting with Panther can cause the program to lag pretty quickly for me but simpler designs such as the next 3 were easy and quick to do. Also for any Matrix 7 users I’m not sure how ya’ll go about modeling split shanks but I’ve modeled a split shank faster in Panther than I could in Matrix 7. As far as rendering goes the first design and the 3rd design were rendered with Matrix 7 (V-Ray specifically) but 2nd and 4th design were modeled with Panther. Both seem to be pretty good and of course I’m still learning things with these programs but so far Matrix 7 seems to be better at rendering. We shall see how this experimentation continues.