Jaguar Mascot

In the making:



Hi Holo,

You may need to nudge the right paw forward a touch… this is all I have left of an old 70’s favourite.


Yes the paw and lots of subtle detail tweaks are on the todo list.

It’s a beautiful sculpture, too bad nobody has the soul to add those kinds of emotional carriers to cars any more.
When done we’ll see how much of an xk150 I’ll model too :slight_smile:

What car did you have?

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I had an XJS, back in the 80’s - V12 did about 1 mpg per cylinder in cruise mode!

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Starting on that little model might have been a bad idea…


is it an existing model in reality?

Yes, it’s the Jaguar XK150
…wish I had one in real life for accurate modelling… :wink:

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certainly is a mythical car.
you have well modeled the proportions of the front car. ! It makes me want to try subd modeling.

I bet you could deduct it as an expense.

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