Jagged results in heightfield from bit map

Hi there, excuse the novice question - I would really appreciate an expert to help!

I am using the heightfield function to create a shallow relief on an (eventual) real panel.

I am using photographs of skin (and others) to make the relief however the results being produced have a kind of pixelated 3D texture - rather than a smooth curvature as seen here:


I’ve tried every possible combination e.g. high and low sample points, different depths and all of the three possile optoins - and each produces this digitally gritty pixelly effect…

The pictures are high res by the way! And this happens with all variants of them.

Any tips would be really welcome… currently I am looking at having to sand 18 giant panels of MDF otherwise!


Hi Peter,

Have you tried blurring the texture first? You can also try using the command MoveUVN to smooth the control points of the resulting surface. If you created a mesh instead of a surface use the Smooth command.

Post the 3dm and a single texture used for one of the panels and I can take a look if you’re still stuck… it should be possible to digitally sand it… no respirator required :mask: