Jagged Extrusion Edges

Hello guys, I have stumbled upon a little inconvenience in my model today.
( I’m sure solution is very easy! )

Simple extrusion edges are pretty rough although the original curve is perfectly round.

Does anyone have any solution to this?

Also, I’ve been working on metric units and trying to keep absolute tolerance very low… However Viewpoint grids are looks very big to me… is it related to that? How can I reduce the size of the grid size proportional to my units?

ps: My model is on 0,0 origin and not very far - as an old bug…

Version 7 SR18
(7.18.22123.3001, 2022-05-03)

Hi Can -

That’s just the display mesh. You can change that in Document Properties → Mesh. See the help file for more information on the settings.

Hello Wim,

After checking the general settings, couldn’t get a better result. Which parameter do you suggest adjusting?

Also, I don’t think it just display settings because whenever I export the file for render, I get the same jagged edges on other softwares…

Hi Can -

That is very file-specific. Please upload your 3dm file.

If you export as a mesh, that would be expected, yes.

So what would be the solution to that?
What do I need to adjust in that mesh settings?

Hello- Set ‘maximum distance edge to surface’ - hard to say what number to use without the file but start at 0.1, and reduce to 0.01 etc until it looks acceptable. Note this can be done per object in the object prooperties custom mesh setting if you do not want to apply a fine mesh setting to the entire file.



Oh, that’s awesome!! Didn’t know that option at all…
Thank you Pascal, tank you Wim…
Deeply appreciated