ixCube Architecture modeling software 100% Rhino compatible

Hi folks
ixCube has just been released, a software thinked for Architecture Concept design
based on a nurbs kernel 100% compatible with Rhino, models and geometry are transferred just by copy-past to and from Rhino. The software can be used like sketchup to pull-push and draw on surfaces.
Accurate modelling but what makes the difference in Architecture ? Details
Details are created trough Smart-Objects , smart objects are javascript components created by the users
these scripts are live and have a bidirectional connection to the objects created, no need for interfaces since all parameters are exposed as properties on the object. Javascript Editor and debugger available in the system plus
a GI global illumination render and integrated plugin for Thea Render , library of materials and a lot more.
Included in the system our first class Tensile Structure form.finding technologies, soon we will make available video tutorials to explore the power of all these tools trough scripts or ready made smart-objects

Free version available at www.ixcube.com

the free version has no export features so all functions related to 3dm or dwg are disabled.

Gerry D’Anza Architect
ixRay ltd