I've downloaded a head from GrabCAD - It is causing problems

I downloaded a head from GrabCAD that I want to use. Any time I try to modify it I get messages saying do I want to report a bug. I did modify it once, but now that it is in my model is when it starts messing up. I’ve uploaded the file.Female50%tileHead.3dm.zip (6.3 MB)

Hello - This rings up as valid here, so far. If yours is a bad object, use ExtractBadSrf and see if you can Untrim and then retrim the surface.


This is the message I get when I attempt to ExtractBadSrf.40%20PM


I checked the head and the problem is caused by the initial mirror done to it
it wasn’t perfectly clean.
I exploded the head, deleted half of it and with lots of close zooming so there will be
no leftovers, then deleted the bottom cap, did the mirror, joined the two halves,
Then using Dupedge i made a copy of the bottom open border, created a surface using Planar Curves command to create the cap, finally i joined all together. Female tileHead.7z (4.1 MB)

Thank you. I’m traveling now but will check it out Monday.


I’m not familiar with the file type: “Female tileHead.7z”.

It’s a compression file format like .zip and .rar and it can be extracted with any program that is used for compression. I attached the file without compression now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_v_2eoJHgLwPDzoShgi8jeEQ9sLvQq48/view?usp=sharing