It's time to bring MatchSrf into this decade

Next up in my series of “hey you guys should really start doing some of the stuff VSR does” is addressing MatchSrf. MatchSrf is one of those bedrock commands that is starting to show its age. I have two main criticisms:

  1. The interface is very finicky, when it comes to matching multiple edges. Just from a usability standpoint, it forces the user to “bat 1,000” when picking multiple edges to match. It’s clunky, and takes wayyyyyy too long. Didn’t pick right? Sorry Charlie, quit out and start again!

  2. Second, and this is my biggest chit - the inability to have different continuity on different edges when using Multiple Match is ABSURD in 2015. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have say tangency one edge, position on another, curvature on another, etc. Seriously, this is crazy.


I agree! This is an important one!