Its been asked before I am absolutely sure but Laptop recommendations

Hi folks,

I know this has been asked before, Ive been cruising the message boards and trying to do my own research. Im new to using grasshopper. I have been taking tutorials and am trying to use this time to increase my knowledge and skillset. I have had some lag on my desktop. I know I can try and upgrade but since its in the basement I kinda wanna shift to a laptop so I can get some sunlight while I work. I was curious if anyone had any recommendations? I was looking at Dell Precision 7540. Also looking at MSI Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Strong CPU with high single core performance. Best choose 16 GB RAM.
No high-end graphics card unless you do rendering etc… GPU does affect fan noise and heating pretty much. And nobody likes to work with loud computers. Check user experiences on noise and heat.
Mediocre performance is alright, unless you rape Rhino with data garbage. Rendering, VR or AI might not work so well but do you need that?

Thank you for the recommendations. Id like to be able to render as well. But i will check the message boards. Heat has been a major issue for me with laptops in the past so its something to watch out for. much appreciated

fwiw I got a dell m4800 (compare to current 15" 7000 series, I guess) six years ago, and am still using it every day as my main work machine (compiling a large codebase, rendering, etc). I bought it refurbished, with the top CPU available, and immediately upgraded to ssds, 32gb, and the best gpu it could take. It is larger than the slim ones, but I have not regretted that yet – I have to travel from time to time, so it was an experiment to see if laptops had become good enough that I could use the same machine at home and on the road, and it has worked out.

Thank you! I will check that out!