Iterating two Data Trees on a different Branch level


can you guys guide me to a solution to this:

I want to be able to interact with the two data sets like this:
1.{0;0} with 2.{0;0}, {0;1}, {0;2}
1.{0;1} with 2.{1;0}, {1;1}, {1;2} etc

Thank You!

this might be one way:

and this is the “old dirty way” :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @inno,

I came up with this after some time:

I 'm not catching the role of Sort List, given each branch has the very same item, just repeated 3 times by Duplicate Data :slight_smile:
I’m also not really getting the role of Partition List into chunks of 3 elements, as your branches already have 3 elements, just generated by Duplicate Data :slight_smile:

a bit like this:

but hey, any solution that leads a definition that works is fine :+1: but if you want to get to the point where a certain calculation is done seamlessly regardless of the specific initial data tree (that of course must have some driving features, but still…) my best advice is to never manually input anything that can be retrieved from your data tree

for instance, those “3” you can get them by evaluating the other data tree, so I think it’s general best practice to not “humanize” those into manual inputs if you can avoid it

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