Iterate on all commands

I search how iterate on all commands loaded in Rhino with C#.
I’m sorry, the doc API end google don’t give me a response.

Hello, I search, I search but cannot not find.

I found that all plugins and commands are listed in the Windows registry.

but I think accessing the registry is not the good way, because it is specific to Windows.

Do you know an interface in RhinoCommon that can do that?

Hi @kitjmv,

Try with Rhino.Commands.Command.GetCommandStack() or Rhino.Commands.Command.GetCommandNames(). This should return the Guids and names of the commands. Is that what you’re looking for?


Thank you @mpcarlos87
I think that’s what I need.

And this explains me the Rhino SDK. I have search, but I have not imagined that a function for all commands can be inside the class Command with a static method …
Sorry, I’m new, I could have found it.

And now, I have to understand what are the “system commands”

I will test, perhaps the native commands of Rhino … No, all commands are returned. (so what are the “System Commands”…)


You’re welcome @kitjmv! Don’t be sorry , everyone was new here at some point :laughing:

Have a nice day.

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