Item lost after "Trim Solid" component

Dear forum,

Here is a question about the Trim Solid component.
As the screenshot shows, there is one surface missing after the Trim
There are intersections with cylinders on every surface. Don’t really know where the problem might be.

Thanks a lot! (458.8 KB)

Hey Anguo Liu, not exactly a solution to the Trim Solid component, which I have had issues with before as well since it does not always process every piece of geometry the way it seems like it should. Maybe someone else has a reason for this hiccup.

This script uses an alternate way of achieving the same goal as a way to keep you moving! (458.2 KB)

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Oddly, reversing the flattened list of pipes works, I don’t know why. (457.4 KB)

Thank you for the discovery, Joseph
It’s really weird, seems like there will always be a possibility to encounter some error while using intersect tool.

Here’s another way that’s often useful, with variations… (461.0 KB)

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Hello Benjamin,
really appreciate your alternative script, it is brilliant to sort list with the area and reverse it!

The SplitMul method from @Joseph_Oster works on my following design with the surface unroll. Not sure why there will be a calculation error while unrolling from @bensummay 's approach.