It doesn't has updates for a while

Hello visualarq team, I have a lot of respect for you guys, but sometimes it feels that the updates are kind of slow.

Some things that miss for a long time, such as stairs, with poor landing control, revit connection that the script doesn’t work with many items and some other things, such ceilling plans etc…

This year, I thought I would be able to really connect thru visualarq rhino to revit, but it doesn’t seem that the program had a lot of progress.

I hope a big update is coming soon.

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate, I regret we cannot offer new features more often as we wish. We are planning to release VisualARQ 2.13 one of these days, and then focus completely on the VisualARQ 3 version.

Which problems did you find with the connection with Rhino.Inside.Revit? We are updating the GH file that transfers Rhino and VisualARQ models to Revit constantly:
Please let us know more about these issues so we can work on them.

Just a small correction on @fsalla post: we’re already focused on VisualARQ 3!

This is precisely the main reason that VisualARQ 2.13 is taking so long to be published, because there are only a couple of developers still working on 2.x issues, and because it will probably be the latest big update for VisualARQ 2.


Are yall planning to release VisualARQ 3 at the same time as Rhino 8?
I know there are updates on the VA roadmap, such as reflected ceiling plans, that would seem to need to need Rhino 8 to run.

REflected Ceiling plans! :+1:

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Hi. Enric
Can we know which ones of features listed on the Roadmap will be added to VA 3?

If it’s not an industry secret - may I ask how big your devteam actually is? Meaning people actually hacking in the c++ code.
Just curious. And looking forward to the next releases!

@Eugen it’s not any secret! There are currently a total of 7 developers involved in VisualARQ and Lands Design right now, and we have just hired 2 more people.


@archist97 All the features marked as “completed” and “in testing” will be in VisualARQ 3. Most of the features marked “In progress” and some of those marked as “planned” will likely be in VisualARQ 3 as well. Some of those are:

  • IFC 4 support
  • Export layouts to dwg
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Attach objects to levels
  • Structural grid
  • Improvements of objects created with GH styles

We wish to release VisualARQ 3 next year and will try to include as many of these new features as possible. Those that won’t be included will be postponed for future versions.