It does not OFFSET whole HELIX. Aim_ Making a spiraled slope


Maybe this is a simple matter for you guys, but I am simply unable to offset the helix fully. the aim is to crate a spiraled slope.

No matter the tutorials on the net, they have not helped.

Thank you!

Can you post the file? This works here with a quick test.

Here is the file :slight_smile:smaller_module_process.3dm (1.0 MB)

Why does it not work in mine then? Thanks for replying Brian.

there is a problem for sure but to help i would say your helix is too big, make one using 1/100 of what you need and scale afterwards, it works here with 1/100 of your helix.

Tried it. It still does the same thing?

Is there another way I could make a spiraled slope? Other than offset–> join curves–> and then turn it into a solid.

I would use the offset from one complete turn and copy it vertically as many times as needed, then join.


Rebuild your lower helix that has this issue. If you reduce the point count to 700 it works. My hunch is that the settings used when you made this helix combined with the offset distance result in the offset being incomplete. If I make a new Helix with the default options ( Diameter Mode=Turns Turns=10 Pitch=2000 ReverseTwist=No ): the offset works fully.

How do I rebuild it?

I know stupid question.

I think what Brian is suggesting is that you literally start over from scratch and build the helix using the default settings as he mentions and then offset it. What I take from what he says is that your original helix is too big (in point count) or otherwise too complicated for offset to work successfully. If I’m wrong, I’m sure Brian will let us know.

Use the Rebuild command to rebuild the helix. You could of course make a new helix using the default settings and it should also work. If I rebuild a new helix of this size to have more than 700 points the offset is incomplete again.

You guys saved my project! Thank you very much for taking the time off to help!
I appreciate it!

Ïs there another way I could make a spiraled slope?
Extrude curve>Ribbon

Seems to me the simple approach is a one rail sweep “roadlike top” using the spiral as a rail. Works with a line for a ramp surface or a rectangle for a solid (cap ends after sweep). Did not require rebuilding the spiral.