Issues with the flow command

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I am attempt to make the façade like structure flow along the curved circle I have created. Whenever I use the flow command however, the façade appears inside out. I have tried to flip it as well as analyze and change the direction but have not had any luck. Any suggestions?

The attachment is not available for download.

everytime I try to upload the file directly I keep getting an error. It is around 100 MB. Is it because it is too big?

Hello- if your file is large, please export the relevant objects to a new file and post that.


Balcony attempt 2.2.3dm (15.4 MB)
Here is the correct file. I trimmed it down a couple levels.

Hello- to get what I think you want, try these click locations (near the same end - start - of each curve)

Does that do it?


Unfortunately it still appears inside out. And for some reason it is no longer fitting along the curve.

I realized to fit it needs to be group so I did that step. But still is inside out.

Hello - is my picture inside out?


No the picture is not flipped. However, the orientation of the balcony essentially changes.

“Facade” before flow command Screenshot by Lightshot
“Facade” after flow command Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi @jerb2019
Look at what @pascal posted about the direction of the curves. If you imagine the arrow at the start of the straight line aligned with the arrow at the start of the circle (causing the straight line to point upwards) and then flowing the balconys from there, they will indeed end up pointing inwards. If that is not what you want, simpy rotate them - see video (note that I have history on, so that the balconys update as I rotate the originals).

HTH, Jakob

Here is what i think your after. To do this I used Flow along Surface.
extruded you circle. put a minute break in
Unrolled surface ( the length of your line did not match the dia of the circle when surface was unrolled)
aligned the developed surface vertical and to the back of your objects.
“Flow along Surface”
select the short edge and enter.
upload of 3dm didnt work so here is the screen shot

Thank you all so much!