Issues with texture mapping in Rhino Renderer

I’m using Rhino Renderer to add graphics and images to my model. In the model, while working with materials, I have manipulated the U and V coordinates as well as Rotation to fit the images & graphics appropriately within the forms. However, as soon as I render this, it looks completely different. Is there a solution to this?

I am creating new materials and uploading the images I’m using to the Color tab, should I be using another tab? My main issue seems to be with Rotation, it does not seem to apply as soon as I render, but in the working model, it looks perfect. Any help with this would be really appreciated. I’ve attached some photos for reference.

I have noticed a similar issue between different view modes where the texture mapping does not update for some views.

I can’t recall now how I got around it but I think it was either toggling between wireframe and back to a rendered view or quitting and restarting Rhino.

However, this was in V6 Beta and it looks like you’re using V5 so I don’t know whether our experiences are linked at all!

Thanks for your feedback! I’m on a Mac so I thought I was using the most up to date version, V5. V6 beta is available for Mac?

I have tried all of those things, it looks perfect in my model while working on it but as soon as I render it as an image to save, it looks wrong. I think my next step will just be to find a plug-in render software that I can use for free at least temporarily to complete this rendering.

It might be worth trying the V6 Beta. Beware though that V6 files aren’t backwards compatible with V5.

Oh and make sure you’re using the latest V5 before installing so that it brings across your settings properly. You will find that V6 is quite different so it might take you a little while to find your way around. Also, the whole render system is different. Slower but higher quality (at least in my experience).

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