Issues with Surfaces from rhino 4 to rhino 6

I have a guy I am working with sharing files.

He is still working in Rhino 4, I am in Rhino 6.

I don’t have issues reading his files, however, His surfaces are unable to join.

When I redraw them everything works OK.

Is there a way to save or change his files so I can use them?

Sounds like maybe he is working with a larger (looser) file tolerance than you… Otherwise I don’t really see a reason why surfaces that were made in V4 that were joinable there would not be joinable in V6…

Maybe you can post a V4 format example?

Boat hull- review.3dm (5.1 MB)

I ham posting a partial file to rerview.

I also notices when you are trying to join surfaces one at a time, some surfaces are unsalectable.

this has only been from his files V4 to my V6 Rhino.

Hello - one thing I see is that there are many duplicated surfaces in this file… use Explode then SelDup and Delete, then try… It looks like there are many objects that are near-dups, but not quite, so it may take some digging around to find the repeated faces.


I see what you are saying.

don’t know how the duplicates got there.

will look at the file further.

Nice boat but the bow fell off! NA joke…

I did as Pascal suggests and got one complete poly surf without changing tolerances.

Boat hull joined.3dm (1.4 MB)