Issues with Rhino Inside v.7, from v.6

I have reopened a script in v.7 of Rhino.inside for Revit, but I am getting weird behaviors (the script does not longer work…).

Among the issues: a valid mesh is shown at the beginning of a connector, but “Null” is returned at the end…?
Even if the data is incompatible (mesh vs curve) shouldn’t the mesh show as arriving to the node?

Also, for some reason, the node “ElementType.ByName()” node does not return the type anymore… just some code…

Thank you

Any idea?

Can you send us to the definition?


I made it to work, the units in the Revit model were Metric, while the script was designed for feet and inches.

Nevertheless, a couple of nodes still no longer work, from v.6 to v.7.

Please See attached the definition.

First question:


Second question:

Thank you


g (14.6 KB)

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Hello @gcsucci
Thanks for reporting this. Please make sure you have the latest RIR installed. Kike has fixed a couple of bugs related to the element referencing. For the Element type picker, the component outputs a uuid that uniquely identifies this type across the open models. You can pass the output to a Type component to grab the actual type element: