Issues with organic forms



Hi! I got this task, it’s gonna be a part of the shoe…
I’ve tried to start, without success… The profile of the form makes it more difficult…
My Rhino skills are not developed enough for this…
Do u have any idea how to start drawing this form? :slight_smile:
(the picture of the shoe shows how it’s supposed to work)


Break the shape down into sections. For your main section I would do a sweep with you profile shape and then add your spurs to the main section after. Draw your curves first …

I work side ways because I visualize it on the shoe. It can probably be built flat, as opposed to curved to match the shoe, because it will be cast. Make your profile shape to sweep with.

Scale your profile shape to match your curves, then sweep, I would maintain height.

the little spurs can be built after.

I hope this gives you a start.