Issues with new toolbars

Two issues:

  1. After detaching the command line, I was not able to reattach it no matter what I tried. In the end I had to restore the default window layout using _Reset.

  2. These dotted handles are really big. It would be nice if they could disappear when locked.

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Had the same problem once.
You need to touch the microscopic blue target zone.
Continue dragging the NESW cursor into the blue area, then the prospective drop zone is shown.

Thanks! It didn’t occur to me that I have to move the cursor into the zone. I’ve never seen such a UI feature, and so I was assuming that the zones show some kind of outline indicating where the toolbar will be anchored once I release the mouse button. Well, now that I know how it works, it actually makes sense. I still wish the toolbar handles could be made to disappear.

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