Issues with Neon, turning off lights


I figured it was time to test out Neon again, and at installation I got a strange issue where the installer had to terminate Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) that surprised me. Then I had some issues where hiding a layer with a light on does not update the viewport, and a few other things. But before digging deeper I wanted to check if the current download version is the newest. Is it?

(Andrew le Bihan) #2


I can’t imagine why the installer would need to restart Windows explorer.

Its possible the layer/light thing is a bug.



Ok, thanks.
I forgot to say that this was on a 64 bit win 8 machine.
Adding light requires a pretty long “load” time for Neon to update, and while that happens Rhino has to wait.
I’ll look into all of this and I’ll see what I find.

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

The light shader compile delay is something we’re actively working on, and hopefully should have solved from SR3.