Issues with model/element orientation


I have spent hours trying to give all beam elements the same orientation to make the model work but I cannot seem to get it done for some reason - not sure why.

I have tried several times playing with the orientate element but it has not been responding to my axes definitions.

The assumed load right now is 0.2 as a mesh load, and the goal of this exercise is to figure out at what load will the structure buckle.

Any help with figuring out why orientating is not working will be of great use and of much appreciation.

Attached file, thank you in advance.

Master bedroom balcony structure (106.5 KB)

Can you please explain what you are trying to acheive with the Beam Orientate component?

When you plug in the vector then the beam orientations are adjusted

Hi Matthew - thank you for your response.

I am trying to have all beam elements oriented so that they all abide by the same axes.

For example, I am trying to have my columns/posts (vertical beams) have the same axes as my joists.

In the script as is, the Z axes of the posts = model space -X axis, but whenever I try to change it with the orientate component so that its current X axis is transformed into Z axis it does not work. I am not sure why.

Hope that made sense and thanks again for your help

Hi, the x axis is always the same as the direction of your beams. You cannot change this axis, but only flip the direction. Please see