Issues with importing .ply file

I’m trying to import a point cloud file into Rhino 6 for an architecture project. I’ve been testing out different scanning apps and cameras and found an app called that creates really great interior scans of spaces. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble importing the .ply file it generates into Rhino. I am getting this error message

“Failed to read the file header properly. Cannot continue.”

I tested opening the file in a different software called MeshLab without issue. I also tried exporting out of MeshLab to a .xyz file. I was able to open the .xyz Rhino but the points were only rendered in as black dots without any color.

Any suggestions?


From the distant past when I used .ply files I remember some software, possible Rhino, did not like any spaces in file names. But I’m not sure the software which did not like space in file names was Rhino.

Hi - can you attach a simple file that shows this behavior?

Hi Wim,

It seems ply files are not able to be uploaded to the forum, but I have copied a link to the open source model I’m trying to download from the app. It can be downloaded directly from the site.

Hi Hannah - I couldn’t find an obvious way to download that file without making an account and such.
Please just zip the ply file and either post that here or upload on
Make sure to put the link to this thread in the comments field if you upload it from that page.